Bluevine Consulting is a co-organizor of the meeting with businessmen operating on home appliance market in Turkey, mainly in Eskisehir region.

We would like to ensure an appropriate level of discussion during 3 meetings in Warsaw, Lodz and Wroclaw (May 23-26) while the participants will be provided with a healthy dose of the latest knowledge of the home appliances industry. We strive to make our Business Tour stand out from the other. In addition to inducing interesting panel discussions, we put special emphasis on developing and maintaining business relations among the participants.

We invited key directors/managers from top companies to share their knowledge and experience with participants. We are deeply convinced that your participation will bring both parties a number of tangible benefits.

The meeting is an excellent opportunity to present your services and products to 20 representatives of Turkish corporations.

Your presence will be an opportunity to promote and consolidate the image of your company as an active brand on the market and will create outstanding conditions to achieve mutual benefits.

Programme content: a mix between interactive workshops for the participants and business discussion is envisioned

Cost indications: participation is free of charge

Purpose of Business Tour:

discussing problems and opportunities, increasing efficiency in process of exportation purchase with participation of firms that are active in sub-industry of household appliances in Poland. Especially this event can be an opportunity for new networking and increasing your suppliers in Turkey.

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